Archived Bulletin Board News

May 7th, 2011

Summer A funds are scheduled to start going out Friday, May 13th.  There is no tuition for medical students in the summer.

April 25, 2011

Summer A funds will start being released May 13th.

March 14, 2011

Spring tuition/fee deadline is Friday, March 18th at 3:30pm.

Jan. 19, 2011

Dade County Scholarship

Rotary Club of Miami, through the generosity of our late club member Thomas Brown McClelland, will be offering scholarship assistance for qualified students who are already in, or are about to start, medical school for the 2011-2012 school year.

The only requirement for the students is that must be graduates of a Miami-Dade County High School. Should you have such a student, please direct them to our website and click on the Thomas Brown McClelland Scholarship tab.  There they will find a cover letter and application.

The closing date for submission of applications is Saturday, February 26, 2011.

Jan. 3, 2011

Stafford loans will start going out Friday, Jan. 7th if you had accepted them by Dec. 20th.

Some COM aid won’t go out until the following week.

Dec 20, 2011

Office will be closed Dec. 24th -Jan. 2nd


Aug.23, 2010

Stafford loans will start being disbursed Aug. 26th for medical and PA students who have accepted their loans by Aug. 19th.   You will be electronically notified when funds are disbursed.   Some COM funds will start as well on Aug. 26th.

July 29, 2010

I wanted to give everyone an update on Fall Stafford loans.   We are currently testing the new budgets today & tomorrow.   We anticipate the Fall Stafford loans will show in ISIS by the end of next week for those who have completed files.  You will be electronically notified when it actually happens.  You can then accept, reduce, or cancel your loans.

Spring Stafford loans will not show at this time.  Spring Stafford loans will be awarded at the end of October.

Thanks for your patience.

June 30, 2010

You won’t start to see any Stafford loans in ISIS until about the 3rd week of July.  What you can do now is check your financial aid status.  If it says:
You have no missing documents or requirements on your file at this time.   Your file is complete & ready for the fall loans to be awarded.

ONLY Fall Stafford Loans will be awarded now.   Spring Stafford loans will be awarded in late fall.

FALL Disbursements:
Aid is scheduled to start going out August 27th.     Fall tuition will not show in ISIS until August 13th.

June 11, 2010

2010-2011 Tuition Costs

Medical School Yearly Tuition:
FL Resident                           Non Rresident
1st yr-  $30,755.20                $59,995.44
2nd yr- $30,725.20                $59,965.44
3rd yr- $30,680.20                 $59,920.44
4th yr- $30,680.20                 $59,920.44

1/2 paid in August and 1/2 paid in January


Summer financial aid is scheduled to go out starting May 14th for those students enrolled at least 1/2 time for Summer A or Summer C classes.

Graduate students with tuition waivers won’t have loans released until your tuition waiver is paid.

PA Students–Summer B financial aid won’t be avaialable until after July 1st.   Remember July 5th is a holiday.



Eligibility: American Indian descent and going into a medical field.
Award: Up to $2000

See Eileen to pick up application.


Stafford loans were awarded in ISIS for all students with completed files.  Electronic notification will go out Monday to your email accounts.  You still need to accept the loans before they can be disbursed at the end of August.

If you have never had loans, you will also need to complete the entrance counseling and the master promissory note.

If your loans aren’t posted, you need to check your financial aid status and see why.


2009-10 Fall Tuition for Medical Students

Out of State
2009-10 Graduate Credit Hour rate
Students that started after Fall 2005

InState-$394.85 a credit hour

Out of State-$1,119.57 a credit hour

Summer aid is scheduled to begin May 15th.

Fall financial aid won’t show in ISIS until after July 15th.  Do check ISIS to make sure your 2009-10 financial aid file is complete with main campus.


Summer aid is scheduled to begin May 15th.    Fall financial aid won’t show in ISIS until after July 15th.  Do check ISIS to make sure your 2009-10 financial aid file is complete with main campus.

Medical Students–Remember, the max of Stafford subsidized & unsubsidized loans this year is $40,500.  Check ISIS on how much in Stafford loans you have received for fall & spring, subtract it from $40,500–that is your remaining eligibility for summer.

If you have no Stafford loan eligibility remaining, your next option is the Direct Graduate PLUS loan.  It is credit based and has a 7.9% interest rate.  You have to submit an application request, please stop by the office for more information.

I was able to award some COM funds for the summer to some students.  You can ISIS to see the awards.

There is NO summer tuition for 2nd & 3rd year medical students.  There is only a $30 lab fee for 1st year medical students.

Summer Cost of Attendance (living expenses until Fall)



Summer Stafford loans will be processed in the next few weeks.  If you don’t have remaining eligibility, you will have to request a Graduate PLUS loan.

Medical students can receive up to $40,500 in Stafford loans this year.  PA and graduate students can get up to $20,500.  Check your awards in ISIS to see if you are at your max.

No medical students have tuition costs for summer.  1st year medical students do have a $30 lab fee.

Summer funds will go out mid May.


GARETH KERR Memorial Scholarship Award

Deadline: March 13, 2008 by 4pm
Award: $500 and a plaque


Yearly contest by the literary journal THE LEGIBLE SCRIPT published by medical students from University of South Florida for medical students around the country.

LITERARY CONTEST in the following catergories: Artwork & Photography, Poetry, Prose, and Personal Statements

Deadline: March 14, 2009
Website:     for more information


For students NOT receiving aid to cover tuition, your payment deadline is Friday, Jan. 16th by 3:30pm.  Checks are made payable to UF not College of Medicine.

Financial Aid will continue to go out twice a week as the funds become available to release.
I am out of the office the rest of this week.  For emergencies, call main campus at 392-1275.


UFS was able to process aid today.   You can check ISIS under your Account Summary to see your individual details.  You should see your refunds in your checking account on Monday at the latest.  Not all aid was paid out.  UFS will continue paying funds twice a week as they become available.


IMPORTANT–Aid will NOT be in your accounts on Friday as originally planned due to computer problems on main campus yesterday.  It is now scheduled for Monday to be in accounts.  Not all aid will be in this 1st round of funding.   Outside scholarships and some COM scholarships will be next week.



Tuition is due by 3:30pm on Friday, Jan. 16th for those students who DO NOT have financial aid for spring.
Check ISIS for the amount you owe.  Go to ‘Financial Services’ then ‘Charges Due’.


According to UFS– Spring money is scheduled to start January 9th for all but graduate students with tuition waivers  Graduate students aid will be released when your tuition waiver is posted.

COM loan prom notes will start being mailed to local addresses by the end of the week.  If you’re not sure, you can check ISIS to see if you have a spring COM loan.

Make sure your emergency contact information is up to date to avoid a flag on your records.   THis must be done every semester.

If you leave a message on my phone or UFS, be sure to leave your UF ID.


Base FL fall tuition for all 4 medical classes is $13,219.45.  Out of State fall base tuition is $27,839.57.    C/O 2012 has an additional $45 lab for fall.

UF Fall classes start August 25th.  Financial aid can’t be released until after classes start.   The 1st release of money is scheduled for August 28th.

If you don’t see any Stafford loans on your award file, your file may not be complete.  Check ‘Aid Status” in ISIS.




2008-09 Graduate PLUS Loan request form is now available under “FORMS”.  NEW this year-If you did not have a Grad PLUS loan before July 1, 2008, you will have to complete an entrance counseling in ISIS.  1st time borrowers will also have to complete a Graduate PLUS promissory note as well.

IMPORTANT-if you know you want the max amount to meet your COA, put a large number ($99999) in the request box.  The Financial Aid Office will award your maximum eligibilty for each semester you request.

Please stop by the office if you have questions.   You can return your completed form to my office or send to main campus.

UPDATED 6/2/2008

New variable rates for Federal Stafford Loans(disbursed before July 1, 2006) will be 3.61% during in-school, grace, or deferment.  During forbearance and repayment it will be 4.21%.  Rates effective July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009.


According to UFS– Spring money is scheduled to start January 9th for all but graduate students with tuition waivers  Graduate students aid will be released when your tuition waiver is posted.

Spring tuition will show in ISIS starting December 24th for those who are registered with spring hours.

According to UFS– Spring money is scheduled to start January 9th for all but graduate students with tuition waivers  Graduate students aid will be released when your tuition waiver is posted.Spring tuition will show in ISIS starting December 24th for those who are registered with spring hours.  10/08/2008

UFS is closed for disbursements and online payments from now until next Monday, Oct. 13th.  Please go to the link below to see all the enhancements to student financials.

 You can make payments in person at UFS located in Criser Hall from 8:30am-4:00pm.


Fall tuition is due for all students on Nov. 21st by 3:30pm.10/3/2008

I will be out of the office at a training seminar Tuesday, Oct. 7th.

UFS is changing their computer system for Student Financials to People Soft.  It will give you much more information about your accounts receivables and payables.    It should be up and running Oct. 13th.

No financial aid disbursements can be made between Oct. 7th and Oct. 13th due to this changeover.9/4/2008

Outside scholarships that were on campus before 8/18, went out yesterday. Anyone with FL prepaid, your money will go out on Monday.  You should ‘see’ it in your checking account on Tuesday for those with EFT.


The first disbursement of funds is going out today!  If you have EFT & money coming to you after all debts are paid, you should ‘see’ it tomorrow in your checking account.  Money will continue to be released weekly as the funds become available.

Outside scholarships, FL prepaid, and Bright Futures should be in the next 2 weeks.


It’s not too late to sign up for EFT to have your financial aid electronically deposited into your checking account.  It’s quicker & safer than a paper check mailed to your address.  Must be done by tomorrow for next week release.

Double check your debts (tuition, parking tickets, infirmary, books, etc) in ISIS under WHAT I OWE.

The 1st release of money is scheduled for August 28th, for those with EFT.  Outside scholarships will start approximately 1 week later if they are currently at UF.UPDATED 5/19/2008

Tuition for 2008-09 is still unknown at this time.  I will post it as soon as it is finalized, which should be in the next few weeks.

2008-09 Stafford loans will not be on ISIS under ‘Awards & Disbursements’ until July.  Some COM scholarships and COM loans may appear sooner.UPDATED 7/31/2008 

Great News!   Federal Stafford Loans have begun being awarded for next year.  If your financial aid file is complete, you should see your loans in the next few days.  You will be electronically notified to complete the process-accepting them in ISIS and doing your promissory note and 1st time entrance counseling if you never borrowed Stafford loans.

UPDATED 7/21/2008 

To make sure if your financial aid file is complete and ready for awarding check in ISIS under 2008-09 ‘Aid Status’ not ‘Aid Awards & Disbursements’.

UPDATED 4/23/2008

PA students will be able to check in ISIS under ‘What I Owe’ for summer A tuition starting Thursday, May 8th if you are registered for your summer A classes.

2nd & 3rd yr medical students have NO tuition/fees in summer.  1st yr medical students only have a $30.00 lab fee.

Summer A/C funds are scheduled to be disbursed starting May 16th for all but graduate biomedical students. Graduate biomedical students will be about 7-10  days later, after tuition waivers are posted.

Summer B funding for new & continuing PA students is scheduled to start Thursday, July 3rd.   2nd & 3rd year medical students receive their full summer (May-Aug) funds in May.   Fall 2008 funds will start at the end of August.

UPADATED 3/24/2008

Current Medical Students
On time deadline for the 2008-09 COM Financial Aid Application is April 1st.  I will need 2008-09 FAFSA information by April 30th.   Parent’s tax returns (1040 and any schedules A, B, or C only) are due by May 1st.

UPDATED 3/4/2008

The Graduate PLUS form for summer is available under ‘Forms’.

UPDATED 4/24/2008

Tylenol Scholarship

Deadline: May 15th, 2008
Awards: $1,000 & $5,000
Apply on line at: Tylenol Scholarship

UPDATED 2/4/2008

2008-09 FAFSA’s are due back to UF by end of March.  Remember to include parent info for COM funds.

COM financial aid applications are available to pick up for current students.Gareth Kerr Memorial Award
Award: $500 and plaque
Deadline: March 1st @ 4pm
Criteria: UF Student with a 3.0 GPA or higher
Demonstrated a special commitment or made a significant contribution that benefited students or the community in some area related to health.

UPDATED 1/16/2008

If you are not recieving financial aid, tuition is due Friday, January 18th by 3:30pm.

Monday, January 21st is a holiday, UF is closed.

I will be out of town at a conference January 23rd-25th.

UPDATED 1/4/2008

Spring Stafford loan money is scheduled to be disbursed January 11th if you: accepted your loans, are registered for classes, and have direct deposit for your financial aid.  Those without direct deposit will have checks mailed to their local address.  Some COM and all outside scholarships will be the following week.

Spring funding covers January through mid May.

Graduate biomedical students will be approximately 1 week later if you have tuition waivers.

Spring tuition/fees is due by 3:30pm Friday, January 18th for those not receiving aid.

UPDATED 1/2/2008 


Eligibility: Resident of Dade County for at least 5 years
Deadline: February 15, 2008
Awards: $1,500 up to $10,000 

Stop by the office for an application or visit: for more information and application material.

UPDATED 11/29/2007

The COM Financial Aid Office will be closed the week of December 3rd.  It will reopen Monday, December 10th.

Please call the main office on campus at 392-1275 for emergencies.

UPDATED 11/14/2007

Fall tuition/fees due Friday, Nov. 16th by 3:30pm.  If not paid, you will receive a $100 late fee charge.

UPDATED 11/05/2007

Recent medical graduates-GOOD NEWS- The Economic Hardship Deferment is still available!

“The American Medical Association has successfully lobbied the U.S. Education Department to plug a gap in medical-student loan deferment that was created by a student-loan bill signed into law in September,” The Chronicle of Higher Education reports. “The move follows a letter, released last week by the association, that asked the department to postpone the elimination of economic-hardship deferments for medical-school graduates. Shortly thereafter, the department extended the deferment eligibility, prompting applause from the association.”

UPDATED 9/11/2007 

William Carlos Williams Poetry Competition

Deadline: December 31, 2007

Eligibility: Students enrolled in a medical program, poem not to exceed 750 words, poem must be orginal & not have won a contest at the time of submission.

Awards: $300, $200, and $100.  All winners will be invited to read their poems at Northeastern Ohio Universities on April 18, 2008, sponsor of the competition, with travel expenses paid.

Please see complete details on the bulletin board outside my office or at the Maren Room.

UPDATED 8/29/2007


Open to undergraduate & graduate students in health-related fields.
Deadline: September 30, 2007
Amount: 20-$5,000 & 150-$1,000 scholarships
Apply Online at:

We have had students in the past receive this scholarship.

UPDATED 8/20/2007

Tuition/fees is due by 3:30pm on Sept. 7th for those that are not receiving financial aid.

Check in ISIS under Financial Services then “What I Owe” for amount due.

Any financial aid money that is ready to go will start August 27th, you should ‘see it’ in your checking account on August 28th.   This will mainly be Stafford loans for medical and physician assistant students.

Many scholarships will be released one week later for med & PA students.  Also, anyone with FL prepaid, all aid will be delayed one week due to drop/add deadline ends August 30th.  Also FL Bright awards for Jr Honor students will be released mid September.

Most Graduate students aid will be later due to tuition waivers have to be posted.

UPDATED 8/16/2007

It’s official-here is Fall tuition for medical students:

1st yr: $11,592.59   O/State:$26,212.71
2nd yr: $11,547.59
3rd yr: $11,547.59
4th yr: $10,597.66

PA & Grad students can see their individual amounts under What I Owe as well.

Don’t forget to sign up for EFT (Direct Deposit).

NEW phone number for the office-273-7939.

UDPDATED 8/13/2007

Welcome Class of 2011!!

UPDATED 8/7/2007

Fall tuition will be available to view in ISIS starting August 17th for all students who are registered.  Go to Financial Services then ‘What I Owe’.  Fall tuition can not be paid before it shows in ISIS.

UPDATED 7/31/2007

ALL COM students with completed files will see their Stafford loans in ISIS as of today!  If you don’t see Stafford loans listed on your Award File, please check your “Financial Aid Status” in ISIS.   Jr Honor students’ loans will start next week.

You will be officially notified on Wednesday through email to check your awards and complete the process, i.e. accept the loans in ISIS, complete a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note if you haven’t already, and for those students who never had a Stafford Loan, you must complete the Entrance Counseling in ISIS.

Financial Aid for Fall won’t begin to be disbursed until August 28th.  Any debt owed to UF will be paid and any balance of funds will be given to the student.  Be sure you have direct deposit set for financial aid for the fastest disbursement of money.  You can sign up in ISIS under Financial Services.

UPDATED 7/20/2007

Budget Information:

Step 1 exam cost for 2nd yr medical students is included in the Spring semester funds.

The Clinical Skills exam costs are included in the Spring semester of the 3rd yr.  Step 2 exam costs are included in the summer semester of the 3rd/4th yr which you receive in May.

UPDATED 7/16/2007

Fall/Spring loans should start being awarded & seen in ISIS by the end of July.  You will be electronically notified by SFA when it happens.

UPDATED 7/6/2007

There is no summer tuition for medical students.

Fall tuition will be available to view in ISIS starting August 17th for all students who are registered.

UPDATED 7/2/2007Summer B funds will begin to be disbursed Friday, July 6th for PA and graduate students who have available aid.

Medical students received their full summer aid in Summer A.

UPDATED 6/28/2007

WELCOME new PA’s, Class of 2009!

UPDATED 6/18/2007

Fall/Spring Stafford Loans won’t begin to be seen in ISIS until about the 3rd week in July for completed files.  We have to wait until changes of classifications, i.e. current 2nd yr medical now a 3rd yr medical, current 1PA now a 2PA, etc.

You will be electronically notified by SFA when the loan is processed in July.

UPDATED 6/15/2007

Looks like Fall medical student tuition/fees for 2007-08 will be:
Class of 2011: $11,592.59  Out of State: $26,167.71
Class of 2010: $11,547.59
Class of 2009: $11,547.59
Class of 2008: $10,597.66

Graduate rates per credit hour:

In-State-$311.60   Out of State-$941.49

UPDATED 5/30/2007

New variable rates for Federal Stafford Loans(disbursed before July 1, 2006) will be 6.62% during in-school, grace, or deferment.  During repayment it will be 7.22%.  Rates effective July 1, 2007-June 30, 2008.

UPDATED 5/14/2007

Summer A money will start to be disbursed at the end of the week to medical and PA students.

Summer A money will start to be disbursed at the end of the week to medical and PA students.

1st year medical students have a $30 lab fee that will be taken out.  If you aren’t recieving funds, your $30 is due by May 25th.

2nd & 3rd yr medical students have NO tuition or fees for the summer.

PA students can check ISIS in Financial Services under ‘What I Owe’ to see their tuition/fees cost for Summer A.   Summer B tuition/fees won’t show unitl June 28th.

UPDATED 4/18/2007

Summer Stafford loans have started to be awarded. You will be electronically notified when it happens.

Summer A disbursements are scheduled to begin May 18th.

UPDATED 4/9/2007

Edmond Amateis Scholarship-Deadline May 31, 2007
Graduate of a high school from Lake County or from Lake-Sumter CC.  Applications available in the office.

UPDATED 4/2/2007

Deadline for the COM financial aid application is today for returning students.  You can still turn them in but they will be late.
FAFSA”s should be completed by April 20th.

UPDATED 3/15/2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2007 on MATCH DAY!!!!

UPDATED 2/28/2007

Graduate PLUS request form for summer 2007 available under Forms or I have copies in the office.

UPDATED 2/8/2007

Renewal applications are avaible for pickup in the office for 2007-08 COM scholarships and loans for current medical students.  Deadline to submit is April 2nd.  Remember to include parent info on your FAFSA to be considered.

UPDATED 1/25/2007

Important information was sent to to all medical and PA students today.  Make sure you read your email.

Don’t Forget– It’s time to renew your FAFSA for the 2007-08 year!

UPDATED 10/2/2006

FYI-You might want to compare prices and check out for airflights, trips, etc.

UPDATED 1/30/2007

Gareth Kerr Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: March 9, 2007 by 4pm
Award: $500 and plaque

A UF student must have demonstrated a special commitment or made a significant contribution that benefitted students or the community at large in some area related to health.

UPDATED 1/24/2007

Medical students with COM loans awarded in spring should receive a paper promissory note from UFS by Feb. 15th. It was delayed due to the changes being made to the terms of the loan. It’s a better loan!

UPDATED 1/16/2007

Thomas Brown McClelland scholarship applications for Dade County  residents available for medical students in my office.  Deadline is February 15, 2007.

Spring tuition/fees was due Monday, January 22nd by 3:30pm for those students without financial aid.

UPDATED 1/4/2007


Most of you accepted your Spring Stafford loan money when you did Fall in August, but if you haven’t you must do it before it can be disbursed in January. You can check in ISIS if you have done it already.

Remember, if you have a flag/hold you can not be registered until it is clear. You can always check ISIS in Financial Services under ‘Financial Holds’. You can’t pay current monies owed to UF with your spring money in January if you are flagged now.

Spring Stafford loan money is scheduled to start going out Friday, January 12th.

Graduate students with tuition waivers will have their loans delayed until the waivers are posted in ISIS.

NEW THIS YEAR for Graduate Students– If you are not full time (9 hrs), your loans will be adjusted to reflect your hours enrolled.

Spring funds are scheduled to last until mid May. If you are attending classes in summer, you will be notified of any Summer loans in April.

REMEMBER–If you have financial aid, your tuition will be taken out before you receive any funds.

UPDATED 8/16/2006

Stafford Sub & Unsub have processed for all students in all classes who have completed financial aid files.  Check ISIS under Awards & Disbursements.  If no loans show, you should check under Aid Status to find out why.  Main campus will continue to process Stafford loans as your file is completed.

Check your account summary in ISIS for fall tuition cost.

UPDATED 8/11/2006

IMPORTANT–  When you ‘accept’ your Stafford loans, it will highlight but you won’t see any notification that it’s accepted.  It takes 1-3 days to show in ISIS.

UPDATED 7/28/2006

All professional and graduate students should have received an email from main campus about the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan.

UPDATED 6/21/2006

2006-07 Tuition Rates
Fall tuition can not be paid now. The earliest will be August 18th.

Medical Students:
2009 & 2010:$10,521.07/Fall (plus $45 lab for 2010)
2006 & 2007:$9,657.49/Fall

Graduate rate for New Fall 2006 in-state: $284.44/cr hr
Graduate rate for New Fall 2006 out/state: $914.63cr/hr
Graduate rate for New Fall 2005 in-state: $272.84/cr hr
Graduate rate for Pre-Fall 2006 out/state: $903.03/cr hr
Graduate rate for Pre Fall 2005 in-state: $251.68/cr hr

UPDATED 6/1/2006

New interest rate for variable Stafford Loans starting July 1st is 6.54%.
All new Stafford loans will be a fixed rate of 6.8%