Spring 18 Tuition Deferment Fee Payment Deadline

Published: February 2nd, 2018

Category: Bulletin Board News

Upcoming Payment Deadline: Feb. 16!

Friday, Feb. 16 is the deferred tuition payment deadline. What does that mean? It means that if you have financial aid, Feb. 16 is the deadline for your spring tuition to be paid.

Please review your Charges Due and Awards & Disbursements pages as soon as possible. If your tuition hasn’t been paid yet, you need to make sure that you have financial aid in place to pay it by Feb. 16.

To review pending (unpaid) spring charges-

  • Go to myUFL
  • Click the 3 bars icon in the top right
  • Select Main Menu
  • Select My Campus Finances
  • Select Charges Due
    • Please note that each charge’s due date is in the left-hand column
    • If there are no charges listed on this page, then all of your spring charges have been paid already

To review your spring financial aid-

  • Go to Student Self Service
  • Go to Financial Aid
  • Under the 2017-18 heading, click on Awards & Disbursements
  • Make sure you’re reviewing the Spring column only (don’t look at Fall)

Financial aid hasn’t disbursed yet? Check your Aid Status page in Student Self Service. Pending items WILL prevent disbursement!