Charles A Lauffer Scholarship Fund Application

Application Closed

Charles Lauffer Scholarship Application


Summary/Objective of Scholarship:

The fund shall be used to make scholarships to assist young men or women taking a premedical or medical course of study in some college or university approved by the Trustees and who plan to practice medicine as a career.

The Trustees shall have the broadest discretion in the administration of the Charles A Lauffer Scholarship Fund and they are granted full and absolute power and authority to make all rules and regulations which they consider necessary or advisable in connection with the administration of said Scholarship Fund.


Scholarship Criteria (List all Scholarship criteria per Instrument):


The Trustees have determined that scholarship awards will be made available for 3rd and 4th year medical students in good academic standing who need financial assistance for completion of their education.




Interested Students Must Submit The Following:


  1. Completed application (Please type responses).


  1. Letter from medical school confirming enrollment and continued good standing in the program.
  1. Two business/professional references (no relatives) who have known you for several years.


  1. Please submit the most recent approved FAFSA if applicable.


  1. Please return completed package by July 1st to


Marc Mauro, VP

Bank of America, Private Bank

100 Westminster Street


Providence, RI 02903


Or email to

The trustee will notify all applicants of the decisions made regarding scholarship awards no later than August 31st.