Budget Increase Form and Guide

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Financial Aid Pro-Tip!

Make sure you include documentation for your expenses listed on your budget increase!

2023-2024 Budget Increase Form

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Budget Increase Guide

If you have educational expenses that warrant a reevaluation of your Cost of Attendance, please complete the Budget Increase form above.

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What is a budget?

Your Budget or Cost of Attendance is an estimated budget of expenses you might incur during Medical School. This budget includes tuition/fees, books and materials, and cost of living expenses. Students may borrow or receive funding for up to their Budget or Cost of Attendance.

What is a Budget Increase Form?

If a student has expenses that exceed the standard Cost of Attendance (such as rent that exceeds their budget), they may petition to receive the difference not covered by financial aid.

What types of items are already included in the budget and cannot be petitioned?

• Background Check
• Drug Screen
• Disability Insurance
• Step 1 Exam Registration Fee and Exam Study Materials
• Step 2 Exam Registration Fee and Exam Study Materials
• ERAS Registration Fee
• USMLE Transcript
• NRMP Registration Fee

What types of items are eligible for an increase?

• Housing expenses over the standard budget or cost of attendance amount
• Transportation – Car Repairs
• UF Student Health Insurance
• Medical Expenses (after insurance)
• Child Care Expenses
• One Residency Interview Trip (lodging, airfare and transportation)
• Graduate PLUS Loan Orig. Fee
• Away Rotation (housing cost only)

What expenses are not eligible for an increase?

• Car Payments
• Car Insurance
• Moving Cost
• Non-Educational Expenses
• Residency Relocation Expenses
• Children or Spouse Expenses
• Credit Card Payments

My petition was approved – how do I receive my additional funding?

For most students, they will receive their additional funding in the form of a Federal Direct Loan. Please contact the Financial Aid advisor as soon as your petition is approved so we may assist you with receiving your additional Federal Loan funding.

My petition was denied – what can I do?

If your petition was denied, please carefully read the email message that accompanied the denial of your budget increase. Please keep in mind that petitions must be made only for expenses incurred during the current semester. Petitions for previous semester expenses will be denied.