Medical Honors Students

A team led by University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine scientists found that the composition of gut microbiota—microbes living inside the intestine—in pregnant mice more reliably predicts susceptibility to, and severity of, malaria infection than do genetics.  “We’ve identified bacteria that can reduce the severity of the infection, which also translated into better pregnancy outcomes,” said lead researcher Julie M. Moore, Ph.D., a professor and chairman of the college’s department of infectious diseases and immunology. “That’s the feel good part of this research. If this ends up being something we can introduce into human populations, we’re saving babies.”

Welcome current and future students!

Financial Aid Pro-Tip!

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How should Medical Honors Students fill in their FAFSA?

Please answer the following Questions as shown below:

  • Degree: 1st Bachelors 
  • Level: 1st Year Graduate/Professional, 
  • Received 1st Bach Degree: No 
  • Graduate Student: Yes 

Should I Provide Parental Data on the FAFSA?

Yes! Providing Parental data ensures you will be considered for every type of aid even though you are independent for federal financial aid. We review your historical need.

What kind of undergraduate aid can Medical Honors Students Receive?

Medical Honors Students can receive the Following Aid for up to one year:

  • Florida Bright Futures 
  • Florida Prepaid 
  • Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars 
  • National Merit and Benacquisto 

*Medical Honors Students cannot earn or receive a BA degree at the end of Spring/Summer before the start of Fall classes.

What kind of undergraduate aid are Medical Honors Students ineligible for?

  • Federal Pell Grant 
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • I. Douglas Turner Grant 
  • Florida Student Assistant Grant 
  • Federal Work Study 

Financial Aid Contacts

Susana Morales:

(352) 273-7939

Joanne Kreinbihl

(352) 273-7671